Student Spirituality

Student Spirituality

Christian Meditation

'Children and young adults are born contemplative, but in the modern world, they are bombarded from an early age with noise, stimulus and a message to keep busy.' - Coming Home, Catholic Education Office Townsville

At St Finbarr’s, Christian meditation is practised daily in every classroom. Teachers enjoy this shared experience of God’s presence with their class.

Meditation is a form of prayer, a way to experience God through the stillness and silence of our hearts. It is John Main’s (the founding father of modern Christian meditation) belief that God is always with us, both surrounding us and within us. In order to find God, we become aware of the presence of God’s Spirit as love. A way to grow in awareness of this presence is through prayer and consistent practice of meditation.

There is a range of researched reasons to practice meditation - it lowers stress, decreases the symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduces blood pressure, enhances experiences of wellbeing and helps in the ability to stay attentive and to concentrate (

To find out more about Christian meditation, visit the World Community of Christian Meditation website at  or visit the Diocese of Townsville Christian Meditation website at to learn about the implementation of Christian Meditation in each of their schools.