Innovative Learning


At St Finbarr’s, we embed technology to: 

Build a love of learning which inspires, engages and empowers students to become persistent, innovative, informed, and active citizens in a digital age.

Students take ownership of their learning, become respectful and responsible problem solvers whilst developing curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Our Learning Intention is that the students become effective, respectful and ethical users and creators of technology so that we can: 

  • communicate ideas, 
  • develop critical thinking skills and 
  • learn in creative and innovative ways.

Part of our Success Criteria to approach this technology addresses four elements: 

  • How to care for the Digital Device, 
  • How to use the Digital Device as a learning tool, 
  • How to stay safe on the Digital Device (as a digital citizen and 
  • How I use a growth mindset.

We are proud to share that our St Finbarr’s students have featured in a number of digital Apple Books to support teachers and students to use digitl technology effectively in the classroom.

Check them out here:

Taking Flight With iPad K-2

Taking Flight With iPad Years 3-6

Taking Flight with iPad Teacher Guide

Beach School and Bush Kinder

St Finbarr’s is nestled behind the Arakwal national park, on Arakwal land. The national park protects an area of Wallum country, of coastal clay heaths behind Tallow Beach, providing habitat to numerous bird species and native frogs. We are thankful to our First Nations people for the land we learn and play on. Each week our Early Years classes will spend time outdoors as part of their education, whether it is marvelling at God’s beautiful creation or participating in hands-on learning experiences. Students explore Tallows Creek, Tallows Beach and surrounding bushland in our outdoor classroom, actively participating in Key Learning Areas such as Science, Geography, Mathematics and English.

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