2021 Fee and Levy Explanations

Tuition Fee: Used to meet general operational costs. Sibling discounts apply.

Building/Maintenance Fee: Used to meet building maintenance and loan repayments.
Billed per family.

Resource Fee: Covers student classroom resources and book packs.

Technology Levy: Supports the school Information and Communication Technologies

Sports Levy: Covers the Term 4 Swimming & Surf-safe programs as well as sport
programs throughout year, including Gymnastics.

Excursion Levy: Covers class excursions.

Fees 2021

One Child Two Children Three + Children
Tuition Fee $864 $1,644 $2,372
Building/Maintenance Fee $424 $424 $424
Resource Fee $222 $444 $666
Technology Fee $74 $148 $222
Sports Levy $106 $212 $318
Excursion Levy $32 $64 $96
Total Fees for 2019 $1,722 $2,936 $4098
Amount to be billed each term $430.50 $734.00 $1024.50

Fees are sent out via email, they are billed to families in four equal payments with one bill per term.

Fees are payable within 30 days and payments can be made by cheque, cash, EFTPOS, Centrepay, direct deposit, or BPAY.

Tuition Fees are used to meet general operational costs. Sibling discounts apply.