Procedural Information


School starts at 8:50am.

Bus – students are dropped at the gate and proceed directly to the playground.

Car – Students can be dropped off at the gate in the drop off area.

Please note that supervision is not provided until 8:25am.

Children arriving after 8:50am must be signed in through office taking a note with them to hand to class teacher.


School finishes at 3:10pm.

Bus – Students catching a bus remain in bus lines under a teacher’s supervision until the bus arrives.

Bikers and walkers – Students are supervised to the corner travelling north. Students travelling south, walk or ride around the cycle path in front of the High School and continue south.

It is not recommended that students younger than 10 ride to school unaccompanied.

Parent pick-up – Is the safest way to pick up children from school – it does require patience however, as the line of cars can become quite long especially around 3:10-3:15pm. The line usually moves fairly quickly after the first few cars move off.

If you need to come into school, please use the parking spaces at the end of the cul-de-sac or park near the median strip. Most parents wait near the library if they arrive at school before 3:10pm.

Students are expected to go to the parent pick-up area with the duty teacher if their parents are not near the library when the bell goes.

It is also important that grandparents and other carers are aware of the afternoon routine.

A car parked in the wrong spot can cause chaos!



It is required by law to send in a note detailing the reason for the child’s absence – this can be an email if arranged with the teacher. Partial absences are recorded at the school when a child is picked up or dropped off for part of the day.

Phone calls are a courtesy but not a necessity.

Changes in routine

Please send in a note to the teacher when there is a change in arrangements for collecting children or a change of bus. If you need to get a phone message to your child please endeavour to call the office before 2:00pm to ensure message gets to the class teacher.

Specialist Teachers

During the week, children will experience other teachers from time to time. This year we have had specialist music, visual art, drama and dance teachers resulting in many exciting and varied experiences for the children.

Casual Teachers

Fortunately we have some very capable casual teachers who can take over from classroom teachers when they are absent. This happens with little fuss as the replacement teachers are very familiar with the routines in the classroom and school.